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Setting up an en enterprise like this is a breakthrough for the domestic food processing industry, as it is the first and nowadays the only deep soy bean processing plant in Russia.

"High technologies, quality and professionalism - this is what we offer our partners today. We discover new opportunities for production of food stuff. A combination of our latest innovations, profound knowledge and years of experience is a key to successful overcome of any obstacles that you might face."

Roman Don,
General Director of Group of companies "TECHNOMOL"


Russian group of companies "TECHNOMOL" produces and supplies the market with soy products, soy proteins, food ingredients, as well as conducts various technological researches and development for different fields of the food processing industry.


Group of companies "TECHNOMOL" - is a leading distributor of ADM Company (USA), world well-known producer of soy proteins and ingredients for the food processing industry, and a constant partner of the world giants in production of food additives. The company has a number of affiliates in different regions of Russia, in cities like St.-Petersburg, Nizhnij Novgorod, Cheliabinsk, Vladivostok, Ufa, Krasnodar, Samara, Voronezh and others.

Group of companies "TECHNOMOL" develops new economically efficient technologies together with the Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Meat Industry, and Food Processing Industry and Baby Food Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Group of companies "TECHNOMOL" has its own highly technological production line of soy texturate. On 5th of June, 2002, in Lytkarino, a grand opening of a deep soy bean processing plant, producing one of the most interesting products of soy processing , soy texturate (so called "soy meat"), has been conducted. A variety of size, shape, color allows texturate to be used in different types of products, such as convenience foods, pizza, frosted foods, packed soups and others.

Group of companies "TECHNOMOL" supplies only high quality, ecologically pure, natural products. It is a dynamically developing company, which keeps expanding the variety of its products and services.

As a vice prime minister of the Russian Government, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation,Mr. Alexei Gordeev said: "A lack of processing manufactures has prevented a raw material supply base from the development, pulled the whole branch back. The plant that is being opened today by "TECHNOMOL" group of companies will allow us to make rational use of our lands and potential". The production capacity of the plant allows to process 20 thousand tons of soybeans yearly. It is crucial to notice that the raw materials used are non - GM and Russia originated. At the present time the plant is being tested for obtaining the international standard quality certificate: ISO 9000.

At present, Russia is loosing nearly 1 billion dollars on import of soy bean processing products to Russia. And now, imported goods are being produced in our country. The texturate produced by "Technomol Soy Products" plant will cover 11% of Russian soy market demand and it also has created new job vacancies in Moscow region".


Group of companies "TECHNOMOL" offers a variety of high quality soy proteins. These are: first of all, soy texturate products - STP - made-in item, as well as isolate - PROFAM and ARDEX, concentrates ARCON, texturated soy proteins TVP, soy flour.

Soy bean processing is carried out according to the latest technology called "Ex Press", when oil is extracted from seeds mechanically, that is without any application of organic solvents or chemical reagents. It allows to produce Eco-pure products: soy oil, soy flour and texturated soy protein. The intermediate product (so called "meal") is supplied to cattle-breading farms as a fodder to animals.


Soy proteins are amazing source of high quality vegetable proteins and crude fiber. They are 91-96% digested. They do not contain cholesterol and favor to its removal from the organism. Having practically identical indices for food value and aminoacid structure with meat, they are almost 5 times cheaper.

APPLICATION: meat processing industry, canned products and fish industry; in baking and confectionery industries; milk industry (yoghurt, sour cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, etc.); therapeutic preparations and baby foods.

ADVANTAGES: low net cost of a product; increase outcome of final products; improve flavor and appearance of products; decrease losses at heat treatment; improve fat & water binding properties; enrich product with proteins; increase food value of a product.

WAYS TO SUBSTITUTE meat stuff: from 15% to 50% in boiled sausages; up to 30% in half-smoked, summer sausages; from 30% in pelmeni and chopped convenience foods; from 25% in canned products.


Meat and smoke flavorings, Glutamate and vide variety of spice. Sodium Glirtamate is a flavor booster. Sodium are required when meat, fish, vegetable goods and convenience foods are produced. Different meat flavorings from leading international producers, huge variety of spices that we offer you, will IMPROVE the taste and aroma of foodstuffs.


Carrageenan - a natural food additive, extracted from the red seaweeds. It's a hydrocolloid, which facilitates a significant increase in outcome of a product due to its high water preserving capacity (1:50-80). Carrageenans T-Gel and GPI200 effectively prevent the formation of surface blemishes and excretion of moisture in vacuum packaging, production of canned food, different sorts of ham, delicacies, confectionery products prevents syneresis in milk products.


Group of companies "Technomol" offers the following phosphates: CARNAL, ABASTOL, SELF, BIOPHOS-90, etc. Food phosphates effectively preserve the moisture and significantly increase the product outcome.

When used in meat and fish processing industry, water preserving capacity and its functional and technological properties increase, as well as its consistency, the outcome of a product and its shelf-life. If phosphates are used, the heat resistance of protein increases, the friability of dried milk improves, and a homogeneous emulsion can be attained due to casein solvation. Salt-dissolver, based on phosphates, allows to produce processed cheese of a desired consistency. Use of phosphates in confectionary and baking industry allow to achieve good inflation of dough, increase in volume, light spongy structure, and maximum taste of a product.


Ferment rice (Bioton Red) - a unique, natural food color, which gives the products tints of colors to maximum close to the natural ones. Sodium Erythorbate - a very important food additive, it's similar to ascorbic acid. Is commonly used as a preservative and color stabilizer.


As well as food ingredients Technomol offers to their customers efficient, economically profitable technologies of making sausages, convenience foods, canned products, pates, different sorts of hams and delicacy products. Our knowledge in this field and the help of our well-experienced technologists as per applying different ingredients to different branches of the food processing industry will help to solve many technological problems and improve the quality of products.


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